"What follows is 10 types of nursing jobs commonly found on Monster.ca’s job post database: Today’s nurses can do more than ever to help you with your healthcare. The types of nursing jobs relate directly to areas of specialization and the needs of a medical facility. Contrary to popular belief, nurses work in a wide variety of medical settings, treating a range of different ailments. Legal Nurse Consultant Legal nurse consultants work with different law professionals and perform a variety of different services for them. Within the realm of nursing there are multiple degrees that can be obtained. How Many Types of Nurses Are There? Nursing Informatics is a broad field which combines nursing knowledge with the use of computers. Nursing Jobs and Types of Positions Understanding the different types of nursing job descriptions can help you plan a career in the nursing field. It offers many different work environments and responsibilities to fit an individual’s interests and personality. After seeing the top 10 list of nursing specialties, you're probably wondering what other options are out there.

With each additional step up the nursing hierarchy comes an increase in education requirements, salary and responsibility. Types of registered nurses,nursing career options,best nursing careers, types of nursing jobs and salaries.. Jobs: Employers include hospitals, outpatient and inpatient clinics, home health care, retirement and nursing homes, private practice, and staffing agencies. From direct care nursing jobs in hospitals to non-typical nursing jobs, the field is wide open. 1. Depending on your skills and training, you may have a variety of career opportunities available as a nurse. In Ontario there are three types of nursing positions, which reflect different levels of education and responsibility. When you know the different duties required, you can plan a career path, especially the necessary educational programs needed to qualify. Your job opportunities after graduation should be outstanding, regardless of the nursing career you choose. For those who want to telecommute, what kinds of work at home jobs for nurses are available? Hospital nurses may be assigned to one department, or they may rotate to where they are most needed. Med/Surg Nurse (Medical-Surgical) The first type of nursing job is the most popular one, a medical-surgical (med surg) nurse. This nursing works directly with patients at the bedside on the hospital floor. Nurses in an alternative environment may travel, provide in-home care, or work in an office setting. 1. While nursing, like so many other professions, has a growing remote workforce, obviously many of its jobs are the in-person, hands-on variety. Keep reading for the full list of 25 different types of nurses, along with a more detailed breakdown of each role. Some specialize in certain bodily areas, while others provide a more general method of treatment. Typically, these jobs require at least a few years of hands-on, clinical nursing experience.