"How did you feel about that?" Trial Close Questions. 2. Spin-Selling Questions. The two other types of questions that are commonly mentioned when talking about probing questions are clarifying and recommendation questions.

Probing Questions:  First and foremost, let’s discuss probing questions. Different types of probing questions can include: Clarification questions, which help eliminate misunderstandings. Broad Open-Ended Questions. 6. Examples of probing questions are: "What happened next?"

Close-Ended Questions.

7 Types of Probing Questions for Sales 1.

Probing Questions et al Yes, probing questions are not alone when it comes to classifying the different varieties of inquiries. Discovery Questions. 3. Closing Questions. "What was your actual role in that?"

7. 4. 5. Targeted Open-Ended Questions. "What would you do differently next time?"