This group of educators is over 1,300 strong and shares information and support for using Facebook in education. ... Social Media in the Classroom - Using ELGG - ḰELSET Elementary School - … The pros and cons of social media classrooms.

Present a detailed explanation of how you will use the group, how students will … Spread the loveIf you have not already started using Facebook in the classroom, now is the time.

I have been wanting to sit down and write a full blog post on how to get started with Google Classroom and tips and tricks for using it for a while, so let’s dive in!

Using Facebook in the Classroom. You could live stream a field trip for your students on the weekend, showing them around an amazing museum, aquarium, or travel destination related to your curriculum. I actually set my classroom Facebook up as a way to move students away from my personal Facebook, … My Facebook group provides a personal component that an LMS cannot imitate. The standard advice is to not friend your students due to privacy issues – yours and theirs. So instead of complaining about your student’s preoccupation with it, why not leverage it as a pedagogical tool? Ask your school if they would oppose using a Facebook group along with your classroom curriculum.

Blogging Beyond the Classroom is an online forum for exchanging ideas and swapping experiences of learning and teaching with blogging and other social media. Facebook for Educators. Learn how to teach a class using Facebook. Twitter Keep up with trends Teachers and administrators talk on twitter. I get to see my students and they get to see me. Facebook makes for an optimal virtual classroom, and this is why: 1. Postgraduates and Social Media. Students cannot use Google Classroom with personal accounts. Classroom Instruction in Facebook. Set up the following things: Class Name; Class Code – this is how students will join your class. Many districts now have a policy about how students and teachers can appear on Facebook during school hours. Why a Facebook group This time I set up a Facebook group for the research methods class and everyone joined. I have been using Facebook in my fourth grade classroom for almost a year now and have had nothing but wonderful feedback from parents and students. As teachers strive to keep their students engaged, Facebook is a unique tool that allows teachers and students to interact in a new way. 1. Setting up your Google Classroom. Blogging: What’s in it for PhD students? Method 1 of 2: Classroom Group Page. In this piece, I will list 22 ways that you can use social media. The idea of using Facebook in the classroom may seem radical to some. Loading... Unsubscribe from DianeOG? Spread the loveLet’s face it, social media is going to be around for a long time. In order to use Google Classroom with your students your school must have a free G Suite for Education account before you can use Classroom.

Students cannot use Google Classroom with personal accounts.

2. Steps. Select “create class”.

Pictures really are worth a thousand words, and they have made an enormous difference in my online courses. How social media platforms can be used as a learning tool - and what some of the advantages and disadvantages are. Join this group to learn how to best use Facebook with your students.

Some students were concerned about the open status of the group and thus created anonymous Facebook accounts to join the group. To create a brand new google classroom go to and sign in with your Google Apps for Education account.