On a full moon when there is a lot of night time light the glow worms can appear to be ‘switched’ off. Why Do Glow-Worms Glow? In their larval state, glow-worms grow from 3–5 mm long when they hatch to a length of 30 mm before they pupate. Please do not send us reports of them! Glow-worms are usually found in locations where there is a good supply of small snails for larvae to feed on. This includes the magical lure that glow-worms can create at the darkest time of the night. When an insect is caught the glow worm makes a hole in the tube and stretches out to consume it. They are not glow worms but laser decorations projected from a nearby house. The glow worms live in a ‘tube’ which keeps them moist and protected. They are the larval stage of the fungus gnat, which looks similar to the common mosquito. Why Do Glow-Worms Glow? Glow-worms live in still, dark, damp cave systems and forests where there is appropriate prey. Below are the top 10 glow worm caves, forests, and grottos you don’t want to miss. Arachnocampa flava is a species endemic to Queensland. Photo copyright Robin Scagell. Glow-worms are not actually worms. The females glow for several hours at a time as soon as it gets dark but switch off their glow once they have mated. Glow worms live in a multitude of places, and sometimes in very humid, warm and shallow caves. Glow worms don't live in trees. yes glow worms do live in caves they also live in rainforest glow worms do not only live in one part of the world they can found in just about every. Only three glow worms have been described in Australia . Click here to find out more about these amazing creatures on the UK glow worm survey home page. Glow worm, Lampyris noctiluca. Habitat. Young glow-worms look very like the wingless females, however they produce a weak intermittent light that is easily overlooked. The glow worm isn't a worm at all, but the larvae or maggot of a mosquito-like fly. August 30, 2010, maureen, Leave a comment. Why do glow worms live in caves? Glow worms can be found in shady, protected places with high humidity. Glow worms, typically found in New Zealand and Australia, cover cave ceilings and undisturbed woodland areas where they hunt for prey using their alluring blue glow and a long thread of sticky web.As they fish for food, glow worms create an astonishing sea of starry lights. The beetles also tend to be associated with limestone areas. Many of us are left astounded by the sight of the little light and glow that some insects can produce. We have received many reports of hundreds of glow worms or fireflies in trees, like these.