Does Smaug the dragon live? This implies that dragons of lesser stature, such as smaller Cold-drakes or Fire-drakes, did live on. Tolkien did not write any passage (that has been published to date) which specifically states “Smaug was born on … The sungazer (Smaug giganteus, syn. "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies" picks up where "The Desolation of Smaug" left off. ANSWER: Smaug was one of the dragons of the Withered Heath, a desolate region north of Wilderland/Rhovanion.J.R.R. According to the book The Hobbit, Smaug describes himself as such: "Now I am old and strong. ― Bilbo Baggins, to himself. [sm'aʊg] ), was the greatest fire-breathing dragon of the Third Age. Related Questions. 2770 he attacked the Lonely Mountain and the town of Dale. Q: Where Did Smaug Come From?
Yet Smaug’s death marked the end of the hard hitters. In T.A. To answer your first question, let’s start with your second question; where did dragons come from, and what were their motives? Asked in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Where does Smaug live in The Hobbit?

He lives alone in the Lonely Mountain, his only purpose to guard the treasure he stole from the dwarves during the reign of Thorin's grandfather. So 171 years is therefore sufficient for Smaug to grow from being "young and tender" to "old and strong". Smaug (pron. Tolkien confirmed in a letter that Smaug was the last of his kind, the last of the Great Fire-drakes of Middle-earth. This threatened species is endemic to Highveld grasslands in the interior of South Africa. Smaug is a dragon whose evil, like Gollum's, is indicated by his isolation. Now, more than 70 years after Tolkien first published those words, the hobbit himself, Bilbo Baggins, is set to appear in a third movie inspired by the book. Cordylus giganteus), also known as the giant girdled lizard, giant dragon lizard, or giant zonure, is the largest species of the Cordylidae, a family of lizards from sub-Saharan Africa. Wiki User 2010-03-09 10:10:19. no he is killed by bard. How did Lake-Town prepare for Smaug's arrival Every vessel in the town was filled with water, every warrior was armed, every arrow and dart was ready, and the bridge to the land was destroyed Selfish action of the Master The mountain where the dwarves use to live before smaug came and claimed the mountain and its gold. In the Return of the King Appendices, we have the date of Third Age 2770 for Smaug's attack on Dale and Erebor, and Third Age 1941 for Bilbo's quest and the death of Smaug - a timespan of 171 years. " Never laugh at live dragons, Bilbo you fool! He claimed the treasure of the mountain for himself and forced Thrór, King under the Mountain, and his people into exile. 7 He Could Be Hairy