The death penalty is applied arbitrarily and inconsistently. Amnesty International's Chiara Sangiorgio added: "This case is another reminder that Singapore continues to defy international law and standards by imposing the death penalty … It is over 50 years since we have head the death penalty here in the UK. A death penalty is a form of punishment that has been around since medieval times. This is a rapidly developing area of the law and one that varies by state and the political climate. Wrongly convicted, innocent people have received death penalty sentences, and tragically, were killed by the state. Also known as capital punishment, the death penalty is a legal punishment also exercised by the federal government. Do you like this debate?No Yes-1 Yes-1 Professor Hoyle and Professor Hood's 5th edition of 'The Death Penalty: A Worldwide Perspective' (OUP, 2015) provides legal and social scientific analysis of the movement towards global abolition of the death penalty and of its administration in retentionist countries. In 1972, the Supreme Court ruled in Furman v.Georgia, that the death penalty cannot be applied arbitrarily or capriciously, leading to an effective moratorium as state legislatures struggled to harmonize state statutes with the Court’s ruling. The death penalty is a politically charged topic, but one that transcends academic discussion - particularly if you or someone you know is facing execution. From the start of time, as humans organized into civilizations, there were guidelines and boundaries on which one should pertain. History of the death penalty in the United States. Today, most countries in the world have abolished the punishment in favor of other forms. In 1964, Peter Allen and Gwynne Evans were the last people to be hung in England for the murder of John West, 15 months before the abolition of the death penalty. Most countries who still have the death penalty use lethal injection. The Death Penalty and Extradition. Add to My Favorites Report this Debate Share with My Friends. The country was also the first to establish the lethal injection as an execution method. The US is the only Western nation that currently applies the capital punishment, and it is one of the 57 countries in the world that use the punishment. Michigan was the first state to ban the death penalty in 1846. There are 58 countries around the world where the death penalty is still legal. Should the death penalty be legal?

This article is written by Madhuli Kango, a BLS LLB student from Pravin Gandhi College of Law, Mumbai.The author explains the concept of Death Penalty and how it violates human rights across the globe. The death penalty is used disproportionately against the poor, who cannot afford expensive legal counsel, as well as against racial, ethnic, and religious minorities.