Creativity Why is Important to Employers ? Creativity skills can empower you to become an entrepreneur, creating your own job Creative jobs are increasing (even when other jobs are not) CREATIVITY IS ON THE RISE 58% of employers expect creativity skills to grow in importance in the next three years Skills of the Future Report Around 24% of the I have learned that the best way to learn from original ideas is to read books. Creativity reduces stress and anxiety. Also, creativity is a team sport! I do spend much time online but from my experience, reading books get you to the source that is pure and unpolluted. Being encouraged to engage with other students and contribute to a larger, creative solution to a problem can be an important learning experience. This is how I found out why creativity is important.

Just the act of creating inspires a sense of contentment. Why Creativity is Important 6 June 2016 Although some would argue that the education system we have today is sufficient, evidence and experts retort that notion and assert instead the necessity of taking a creatively driven approach to education in order for students to obtain future success. There is so much focus on individual accomplishment in today’s education system that the need to work together is limited to the occasional group project.

It's important for a child to feel that what she's created is enough—even if it's just a dot on the page.

Discussions on how important it is for everyone to be curious to learn new things and also how to deal with failure should also be included. For all these discussions and other motivational activities, being the teacher, you must develop a creativity-friendly classroom where great ideas and views can share freely. People usually pursue creative projects because they enjoy the process or the outcome. A leading thinker on creativity, Kenneth Robinson, has declared that “Creativity is as important in education as literacy and we should treat it with the same status. In today’s world of global competition and complex problems, creative intelligence and innovative capacity are fast becoming requirements for personal and professional success. 20 Ways to Jumpstart Creativity Today Fresh Art Ideas 4. Creativity allows you to enter your happy zone and have fun. It is the way to learn from the thought leaders firsthand. Adobe believes that we need to support educators who are teaching creative problem solving, get technology into the hands of schools and students, and inspire young people to create.


While technology alone is not the answer, it plays a key role.