According to anthropologist, Susan Blum, the "Internet is part of the story, but not in the way people usually think about it." AND THE #1 REASON STUDENTS PLAGIARIZE IS . What you can do: Considerpatchwrittenpapers as early drafts. Our rigour recommendations above make the question of “why do college students plagiarize” become a thing of the past.

Why do students plagiarize? . I say that if this information will be known by many, some of them probably will now understand the reasons why not to cheat. Students from the majority of victims with some professionals also following suit. . And I agree with the reasons that you wrote about why do students cheat. Some students plagiarize because they genuinely don’t know any better, while others make the choice to cheat, usually to save time and effort or to boost their grades.

#1. Discuss with students the need to digest and analyze material in more sophisticated ways. They are used to a collaborative model of knowledge production. She goes on to point out that morality "is also part of the problem, but not because most students are immoral." I did not know that a large percent of students do cheating. That it is good to paraphrase, but not plagiarize.

However, not all hope is lost.

It is important that students understand that while there are reasons one might choose to plagiarize or cheat, professors are interested in evaluating each student's own, original work, not in evaluating the work done by others. Work with them on summarizing rather than paraphrasing. Accidental plagiarism Improper research and note-taking methods

Read on to learn more about why students plagiarize and how to prevent plagiarism in your classroom. Students who choose to plagiarize or cheat give themselves an unfair advantage on assignments and disrespect the hard work of others in the class.