It is on the water and next to a mountain range, making it postcard pretty. Here are our top 20 reasons why you need to visit Canada as a matter of urgency. Going off to a university is an adventure as you embark on your adult life. You're probably not going to be able to explore those 9 million sq km in one lifetime, so we've decided to help you out. If you meet the criteria for the travel exemptions, and you want to apply to come to Canada, there are changes to the application process. In addition, in a country where winter reality can be harsh, Vancouver has a moderate climate, which includes not much snow and early spring. Canada consistently ranks as one of the best countries in the world—and is currently the #1 best country for quality of life[].Study in Canada, and you’ll receive an internationally recognized education from some of the top educators and academics in the world. You can travel to Canada only if you are exempt from the travel restrictions and are coming for an essential purpose. Canada spans over 9 million square km and comprises 6 time zones. Sometimes, when the hiring manager asks, “Why do you want to work here?” they are looking for two answers, why do you like our company and why do you like this position. Vancouver, British Columbia, has been a hot spot in Canada for years as far as the number of people who want to live there goes.No wonder. For approximately the same reason why Americans would not want New York State to separate. It could be beneficial to add in a small nod to what drew the candidate to this position. 1. Answer 8: It’s simple, I read your company’s mission and vision. the job you want to do; the program you want to apply for; whether or not your job requires a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) In most cases, you will need one or more of the following documents to apply for a work permit: an LMIA number from your employer if your job needs an LMIA Furthermore, Canada is the world’s second biggest country, rich in natural resources including oil reserves second only to Saudi Arabia. How huge, you ask? Learn more.

Once accepted, you can take pleasure from the fact that you will be free to live permanently in a country consistently rated by the UN as the world’s best country to live in. Top reasons to study in Canada. Why Study in Canada. How COVID-19 is affecting applications to visit, work or study in Canada. It is one thing to experience the college culture of your home country, but it is quite another to experience the higher education and lifestyle of another country.