You may not want to or choose to, but, it is possible. but yeh i get your point, … Chiado Editorial. i aint doing this for my personal statement.

everyone seems to hate chemistry so i wanted to know whoever likes chemistry, why they do.

I think this is why it is true that you can fall “in love” with anyone, all the basic chemistry elements are there in our body. La química del amor. Buy Why We Love: The Nature and Chemistry of Romantic Love Reprint by Fisher, Helen (ISBN: 9780805077964) from Amazon's Book Store. To me chemistry is like a jigsaw puzzle. Garrido, José María (2013).

It educates you.

I felt supremely confident that my Chemistry marks would soar above the other subjects in my Board (school-leaving) exam. New York: Henry Holt. Those who love chemistry from first sight often find it easier to understand, but it’s definitely possible to understand chemistry even if you don’t feel passionate about it at first. The Top 10 Things I Love About Chemistry June 26th, 2007. Read more » Bibliography . According to literary critic Liesl Schillinger, the book is “a thesis with startling ramifications.” I believe this book has a very strong, but subtle power to influence your unconscious in a way that’ll make you behave more aligned with your love map.
I love the complexities of learning about everything that is around us. Fisher's book Why we Love is a book about evolutionary biology and its mechanism the biological chemicals to explain the underpinings of mating strategies and romanic love in specific. Why We Love: The Nature and Chemistry of Romantic Love. (In fact, they didn't: amongst my five subjects, I scored the least in Chemistry). I think she does a great job weaving poems, famous passages, and myths in order to give feeling to the analytical side of evolutionary biology. I just really love chemistry.

Chemistry is the science of matter, and it definitely matters. Giuliano, F.; Allard J.

Sexual chemistry: It's why our bodies understand love before our brains do. (And she was my Chemistry teacher right until I finished school). For now and a long time to come, serious novelists, humanists and some everyday people will have a lot more to say about love than chemistry.

Similarly, as the chemistry and the assemblies of neurons in the brain constantly respond to genetics and to interactions with our physical and social environment, new properties emerge. To know what love is, and how it is different from affection and lust, Dr Fisher took recourse to science and recorded her empirical findings in Why we love: The Nature and Chemistry of Romantic Love.

Reply 10.1 Oxytocin, the Love and Happiness Hormone.

In Summary- Love and relationship built on Chemistry often wears Off in the long run While Chemistry thrives and love blossoms in a Relationship Built on Compatibility in the offing. Why We Love doesn’t break love down to an exact science, and that’s a good thing.
Things like scientific misconduct, atrocious teaching, over-hyping mundane results, and slimy departmental politics are an unfortunate part of the chemical landscape and merit commentary. Each different atom has a number of valence electrons and they come together to form all sorts of compounds based on this, but they can only fit in certain ways, and then you get the chemical equations which balance out and tie everything up.